Know How to Book TTD 2024 Telugu Calendar |Download PDF

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This article provides information on how to book TTD 2024 Telugu Calendar online and Download Telugu Calendar PDF for the year 2024.

Learn the the easy process for booking TTD calendars and diaries online. Additionally, find out where you can purchase and download these items for free.

TTD 2024 Telugu Calendar & Diaries

The TTD Calendar for 2024 has been released and is now available.

Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanam has generated significant interest in the TTD 2024 Telugu Calendar and Diaries.

These items are available at all Publication Stalls in Tirumala and Tirupati, including the 12-Sheet Calendars, Diaries (Deluxe/Small), and Table-Top TTD Calendar for 2024.

TTD 2024 Telugu Calendar and Diaries: Availability

You can now buy TTD Calendar 2024 and Diaries 2024 both online and offline.

TTD 2024 Telugu Calendar Pdf Edition

For your convenience, we’ve provided TTD Calendar 2024 Pdf attachment for viewing and download

The version of the TTD 2024 Telugu Calendar Pdf, available for free download.

This TTD 2024 telugu calendar pdf edition provides detailed information about dates, Hindu festivals, and the TTD Panchangam, offering hourly and daily shifts.

Download Jpg

TTD 2024 Telugu Calendar and Diary Prices

For your convenience, we’ve provided clear information.

Below are the detailed selling prices for each type of TTD 2024 telugu calendar and Diary in 2024.

Type of TTD Calendar/Diary Rate (INR)
12-Sheet Calendar Rs.130
Diary (Deluxe) Rs.150
Diary (Small) Rs.120
Table-Top Calendar Rs.75
6-Sheet Calendar Rs.450
SV (Big) Calendar Rs.20
SV & SP Calendar Rs.15
SP (Big) Calendar Rs.20
TTD Panchangam Calendar 2024 Rs.30 per piece

Selling Places for TTD 2024 Telugu Calendar and Diary in India

TTD Telugu calendar 2024 and Diaries are available for purchase not only in Tirumala and Tirupati but also at various locations throughout country

Here is detailed information about the locations where you can purchase TTD 2024 Telugu Panchangam calendars and diaries in India.

Location Availability
Sri Venkateswara and Sri Padmavathi Ammavaru Temples in Chennai Yes
Temples in Hyderabad Yes
Temples in Bengaluru Yes
Temples in Vijayawada Yes
Temples in Vizag Yes
Temples in Mumbai Yes
Temples in New Delhi Yes
Information Centres in Vellore Yes
TTD Kalyana Mandapams in Nellore Yes
TTD Kalyana Mandapams in Rajamundry Yes
TTD Kalyana Mandapams in Kakinada Yes
TTD Kalyana Mandapams in Kurnool Yes
Kanchipuram Yes

Easy Steps for Online Booking of TTD Calendars and Diaries

1. Log in to the TTD Website:

Go to the official TTD (Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanam) website and log in.

2. Navigate to More Services:

Click on “More Services” and scroll down.

3. Access Diaries/Calendars

Choose “Diaries/Calendars/Panchangam” from the options.

The login page will appear.

4. Log in and Initiate the Process:

Log in with your username, password, and captcha code. Then, click on “Login.”

5. Open the Menu:

Click on the three lines (menu) icon. This will open a drop-down menu

6. Select Diaries/Calendars/Panchangam under Publications:

  • Click on the publications tab
  • Under the “Publication” tab, select “Diaries/Calendars/Panchangam.”

7. Agree to Terms and Conditions:

Check the box to agree to terms and conditions, then click “Agreed” to proceed.

8. Specify Details and Proceed:

  • (a) Choose your country (India or international).
  • (b) Select the type of Diaries or Calander .
  • (c) quantity of the diary or calendar.
  • (d) Click on “Proceed.”

9. Indicate Booking Details:

In the new tab, specify if you’re booking for yourself or others.

10. Provide Information (if applicable):

  • If you are booking for yourself, enter your address details.
  • If booking for others, provide their name, gender, age, mobile number, email, and your full address. Click “Continue.”

11. Review Information:

Check your name, address, order details, and shipping cost. If correct, proceed to payment.

12. Choose HDFC Payment Gateway:

Select the HDFC payment gateway for a higher success rate.

13. Select Payment Method:

Choose the payment method (net banking, debit card, or credit card). Accepted cards include Visa and MasterCard.

Important Note:

  • Shipping and packing charges will be added as applicable.
  • Packing charges will vary based on the quantity ordered.
  • GST/IGST charges will be added based on the quantity and shipping address.
  • Shipping charges will vary based on the quantity, shipping location, and delivery mode.
  • Please review the final amount before proceeding to the payment gateway.
  • Upon successful booking, the Postal Department will send an SMS with the consignment ID for tracking.
  • Your order will be delivered within 7 working days to your shipping address.
  • All bookings are final; no modifications, cancellations, or refunds are allowed.
  • For any queries, contact our 24/7 help desk at 1800 425 333333 and 1800 425 4141.
  • Orders are subject to stock availability.


Is it necessary to create an account on the TTD website to purchase Diaries and Calendars?

Yes, having an account is essential for a personalized and smooth purchasing process.

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