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In this article, we will provide information on Sri Srinivasa Divyaanugraha Homam booking, darshan, timings, cost, and all details.


Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanam has launched tickets for the special Homam of Sri Srinivasa Divyanugrah at Sapta Gau Pradakshina Mandir in Alipiri.

They’ve specified that 100 tickets will be distributed daily, with half of them available online and the remaining half offline.

Ticket Availability for Sri Srinivasa Divyanugraha Visesha Homam

Tickets for the month of July 2024, Sri Srinivasa Divyanugraha Homam will be available from June 25, 2024, at 10:00 am

How (ways) to Get Homam Ticket

Online:- Get the homam ticket by booking online through the TTD official website when the quota is released.

Offline:- Alternatively, you can also get homam tickets offline at Sapta Gau Pradakshina Mandir in Alipiri.

TTD Srinivasa Divyaanugraha Homam Address

The TTD Srinivasa Divyaanugraha Homam is conducted at the Sri Venkateswara Saptha Gau Pradakshana Mandir, Go Vignan Kendra, Go Thulabharam.

TTD Srinivasa Divyaanugraha Homam Location

  • Click the below link for GPS coordinates

➡️ Google map/Homam location ✔️

  • Scan this QR code to get the location coordinates.
TTD Srinivasa Divyaanugraha Homam Location

TTD Srinivasa Divyaanugraha Homam Timings

The homam begins every day at 9 AM in Alipiri, or at the time specified in your booking receipt.

TTD Srinivasa Divyaanugraha Homam Ticket Price

The ticket price for Srinivasa Divyaanugraha Homam is 1600/– for two persons:

1. ₹1000/- for the homam for two persons.

2. ₹600/- for the special entry darshan for Sri Venkateshwara Swami at Tirumala for two persons.

Note: Only couples are allowed for the homam, where “couple” refers to any two individuals, such as brother-sister, two brothers, two sisters, wife and husband, etc.

Single individuals are not allowed for the homam.

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TTD Srinivasa Divyaanugraha Homam Connected Srivari Darshan

Pilgrims participating in the Srinivasa Divyaanugraha Homam will get Srivari darshan through Srivari Special Entry Darshan (Rs. 300/-).

Remember to bring the Homam receipt with you when going for darshan at Tirumala.

Note:- To get Srivari Special Entry Darshan, pilgrims must participate in the Srinivasa Divyaanugraha Homam and ensure the validation of their Seva ticket without fail.

Reporting Place For Srivari Darshan

To avail this special entry darshan (₹300), you should visit the Special Entry Darshan Complex in Tirumala.

Venkateshwara swami Darshan Timings

Make sure to go for Tirumala Srivari darshan on the day of the seva at 03:00 pm.

How to Book Tickets for TTD Srinivasa Divyaanugraha Homam

Tickets for the Srinivasa Divyaanugraha Homam can be booked when the monthly TTD Quota is released.

Step 1.Website

Visit the official TTD

Step 2. Login

Log in by entering your registered mobile number and OTP on the official TTD website.


Step 3. Srinivasa Divyaanugraha Homam

Click on “Sri Srinivasa Divyaanugraham Homam” to proceed.

Srinivasa Divyaanugraha Homam 2

Step 4. Arjita seva Selection

1. Choose “Sapthagiri Gau Pradakshina Shala-Tirupati” as the temple from the service name.

2. Then, select “Sri Srinivasa Divyaanugraha Homam” as the seva.

Sri Srinivasa Divyaanugraha Homam booking 4

Step 5. Seva Slot

Now, select your preferred date for the seva slot from the available options.

Step 6. Seva selection

Select by clicking “Sri Srinivasa Divyaanugraha Homam” from the available options.

Step 7. Instructions

Read the instructions, and then click on “Continue” to proceed.

Step 8. Review Seva details

Review the details of the seva. If you wish to make any changes, click on “Edit” and modify accordingly.

Step 9. General Details

Proceed and enter general details of the devotee, including Gothram, mobile number, email address, and address.

Step 10. Personal Details

Proceed by entering personal details for Both Devotees, including:

  • Name
  • Age
  • Gender
  • Photo ID Proof (Aadhaar Card)
  • Photo ID Number

Note: Only NRIs can use Passport as a Photo ID.

Step 11. All details Review

Review general details and personal information; if you want to make any changes, click on “Edit” and modify.

Then, click on “Continue” to proceed to payment.

Step 12. Payment

Review the seva details and make the payment using UPI, card, or net banking.

Step 13. Transaction Success

– Upon successful payment, a confirmation message will be displayed.

– Download the Sri Srinivasa Divyaanugraha Homam receipt by clicking the “Download Receipt” button.

– Alternatively, retrieve the receipt from the Booking History section.

– Receive the Sri Srinivasa Divyaanugraha Homam receipt via email by entering your email ID in the provided box and clicking “Send Mail.”

wnload the Sri Srinivasa Divyaanugraha Homam Recelpt

Step 14. Sample Receipt

Important Instructions

Pilgrims who have booked a Seva should bring a printed copy of their seva receipt.

Upon entry, all pilgrims must carry their Seva ticket and present the original photo ID proof used during booking.

Pilgrims are required to report at the designated time and should not carry any luggage or electronic gadgets.

Traditional dress is mandatory for pilgrims (Male: dhoti and upper cloth, Female: saree/half saree/chudidar with dupatta).

In the case of group tickets, all pilgrims in the group need to report together.

Wearing chappals/shoes is not allowed in queue lines, mada streets, and the Temple.

Children below 12 years of age are not allowed for morning sevas (Thomala, Archana, Astadalam & Abhishekam).

Pilgrims must collect the Prasadam within 12 hours from the reporting time.

All bookings are final, and postponement/cancellation/advancement is not allowed.

TTD reserves the right to cancel the Seva/darshan under any circumstances.

For any information, please contact [155257].


Is it possible to go for darshan directly without attending Sri Srinivasa Divyaanugraha Homam?

No, you can only go for Tirumala Srivari darshan if you have a stamp on the homam receipt.

How can I obtain a ticket for Sri Srinivasa Divyaanugraha Homam?

You can get the homam ticket by booking online through the TTD official website when the quota is released. Offline tickets are also available

Are single individuals allowed for the homam, or is it only for couples?

The homam is for couples, which can include various relationships like brother-sister, two brothers, two sisters, wife and husband, etc. Single individuals are not allowed.

Is there a specific dress code for participating in Sri Srinivasa Divyaanugraha Homam?

Yes, pilgrims are required to wear traditional attire. For males, it’s dhoti and upper cloth, and for females, it’s saree/half saree/chudidar with dupatta

Is there a specific time for Srivari Special Entry Darshan after participating in Srinivasa Divyaanugraha Homam?

Yes, pilgrims can avail the Srivari Special Entry Darshan at 03:00 PM on the day of the seva.

Is accommodation available for Srinivasa Divyaanugraha Homam?

No, Accommodation is not provided.

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3 Responses

  1. VASUDEVAN says:

    Please inform me at what extended time we can report at Homam. As we are traveling from Chennai with aged (88) person it will be possible to reach by 10.00 am for reporting Homam. Is it ok? Please inform me. I have booked for 2 pairs on 21.1.2024. please send your reply

  2. Aparna says:

    Couples with two kids (below 12 years) are allowed for divyanugraha human?

    • Admin says:

      Children under the age of 12 are permitted to participate in homam and darshan when accompanied by their parents.For the most recent updates, please contact TTD customer care.

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