[Live] Tirumala Tirupati Darshan Time Today, Crowd Status, Waiting Time, Updates & News

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In this article, we will provide you with TTD live updates, crowd status, tirumala free darshan time today live, and tirumala crowd today live Tirumala darshan schedule.

We offer essential information including Pilgrims count, Hundi offerings, and more.”

Understanding TTD Crowd Status and Waiting Time

Tirumala Darshan Time Today – Important Update

Important UPDATE

“The special entry darshan (₹300) and Acccomdation quota for December,January and February is fully booked” Including Vaikunta Ekadasi Quota

Slotted Sarva Darshan (SSD) tokens will be issued at 100 counters in nine different places in Tirupati from December 22

4.25 lakh tickets will be available

Those without tickets or tokens will not be allowed for darshan during these ten days.

The TTD has canceled all privileged darshan for specially-abled persons, senior citizens, and NRIs from December 23 to January 1. All arjita Sevas also stand canceled during this Vaikunta Ekadasi period.

If you are planning a spiritual journey to Tirumala, it’s essential to have all the information( tirumala crowd today) you need to make your visit as smooth and meaningful as possible.

One important aspect of your visit to Tirumala is understanding the crowd status today and Tirumala darshan time today.

Here, we provide you with the TTD latest updates and Details of tirumala crowd today

tirumala crowd Today Important Update

Important Notice

Please note that the information provided regarding the Live Darshan Status is based on information gathered from various news sources

It’s important to note that the actual live status may differ and can change due to any adjustments made by the TTD in their daily schedule

The table below offers information about TTD crowd status and darshan waiting times for different darshan options at Tirumala.

It helps visitors plan their darshan according to timings in Tirumala today and compare the situation with the previous day.

It covers Sarva darshan, Special entry darshan, Divya Darshan, and specific categories like Infant, PH/Senior Citizen, NRI, and VIP Darshan for a smoother pilgrimage in Tirumala.

Additionally, we’ll provide you with details about the number of pilgrims who had darshan, head shaves (tonsures), hundi collections (donations), waiting compartments, and estimated darshan times at Tirumala Temple.

This table summarizes the Tirumala Darshan crowd status and waiting times for both yesterday and today.

Certainly, here’s the tirumala crowd today

Tirumala Darshan Timings Today & Crowd status

Details Yesterday Status Today Status
Crowd Status Very High Very High
Sarva darshan (Free darshan) 10-12 Hours 8-10 Hours
Special entry darshan (Rs. 300) 04-06 Hours 02-03 Hours
SSD DARSHAN(Free Token darshan) 05-08 Hours 05-06 Hours
Divya Darshan (Walk Darshan) Yes NA
Infant Darshan(Infant below 1 year) 2 Hours 2 Hours
PH/Senior Citizen Darshan Waiting 2 Hours 2 Hours
NRI Darshan / Privilege Darshan 3 Hours 3 Hours
VIP Darshan / Break Darshan 2 Hours 2 Hours

Tirumala Temple Pilgrimage Statistics and key Details 28th November 2023

Category Count
Total Pilgrims Who Had Darshan 58,874
Tonsures(Head shave) 17,133
Hundi Kanukalu ₹3.50Cr
Waiting Compartments 06
Approx. Darshan Time for Sarvadarshanam (without SSD Tokens) 08 hrs

Source: TTD NEWS

TTD Crowd Status:

Tirumala temple is a renowned religious destination, and it’s common to experience high crowds, especially during special occasions and festivals.

As of today,It’s important to be prepared for this, both mentally and logistically.

TTD Waiting Time:

The waiting times at Tirumala can vary depending on the type of darshan you choose

TTD Sarva Darshan (Free Darshan):

It requires devotees to stand in line or wait in compartments (VQC II) to catch a glimpse of Sri Venkateshwara Swami.

This darshan type requires waiting for a substantial amount of time before you get the opportunity to have darshan.

It’s advisable to plan your visit accordingly and be prepared for the wait.”

Click Here for more details on sarva darshan

TTD Special Entry Darshan (Rs. 300 Darshan):

Special entry darshan at Tirumala costs 300 Rs and requires waiting in compartments (VQC I) to catch a glimpse of Sri Venkateshwara Swami.

This type of darshan usually has shorter waiting times.

It’s advisable to book your tickets online in advance and plan your visit accordingly.

Choosing this option provides a quicker darshan experience for a fee, which is a good choice if you prefer shorter wait times.”

Click Here for more details on 300 rs Darshan

TTD Divya Darshan (Walking Pilgrims):

Devotees who trek from Alipiri and Srivari Mettu to Tirumala receive free Divya Darshan tokens.

This option is ideal for those willing to walk the hills. It involves less waiting time compared to Sarva Darshan before you can have darshan.

It’s recommended to plan your visit accordingly and be prepared for some waiting.

Click Here for more details on Divya Darshan

TTD Infant Darshan (for children below 1 year):

Infants and children under 1 year old can avail the infant darshan option along with their family (mother, father, and siblings below 12 years of age).

This darshan option has significantly shorter waiting times compared to other darshans before you can have the darshan.

It’s advisable to plan your visit accordingly and be prepared for some waiting.”

Click Here for more details on Infant Darshan

TTD PH/Senior Citizen Darshan, NRI Darshan, VIP Darshan

These are privileged darshan options with shorter waiting times compared to other darshans.”

Planning Your Visit:

To ensure a successful pilgrimage to Tirumala, consider the following tips:

Plan Ahead:

Given the current crowd status and waiting times, planning your visit in advance is crucial.

Choose the type of darshan that suits your preferences and schedule accordingly.

Arrive Early:

Arriving early in the day can help you reduce waiting times and avoid the peak crowds.

Stay Informed:

Keep an eye on the TTD crowd status and waiting times, as they can change daily.

Visit the official Tirumala website or use official mobile app to get real-time updates.

Be Patient:

High crowds and waiting times are part of the Tirumala experience.

Approach your visit with patience and a positive mindset.

Respect Temple Rules:

Remember to adhere to the temple’s rules and guidelines.

Dress appropriately and maintain the sanctity of the temple.


While visiting Tirumala, it’s important to be prepared for the crowd and waiting times.

By understanding the current status and planning accordingly, you can make the most of your spiritual journey.

Tirumala offers a unique and deeply enriching experience, and with the right preparation, your visit can be a memorable and fulfilling one.

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"The special entry darshan (₹300) and Acccomdation quota for Dec, Jan and Feb, including Vaikunta Ekadashi (quota from Dec 23rd to Jan 01st),are fully booked"

SSD tokens will be available at 100 counters in 9 location at Tirupati (4.25 lakh Tickets) From Dec 22,

From Dec 23 to Jan 1, those without tickets or tokens will not be allowed for darshan.

Sarva darshan (Free darshan) waiting time is approximately 10 to 12 hours due to high rush."