TTD Accommodation Rooms Booking 100 rs, 500 rs, On Spot, Offline

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This article will furnish information on how to book TTD rooms offline on spot after arrival in tirumala, including,TTD Room Booking with rates of 100 rs, 500rs, necessary documents and procedures.

How to book TTD rooms in Tirumala Offline

If you plan to visit Tirumala for Srivari Darshan and are unable to book TTD Accommodation Online, don’t worry.

We’ve got you covered with information on how to book TTD rooms offline, once you arrive at Tirumala.

Queue Information:

TTD accomodation Queue starts before 4 am

  • Counters open at 5 am.
  • Counter Closes once rooms are full for the day.

Registration Timing

  • Register before 6 am for room allotment within 1-3 hours.
  • If you register after 8 am, expect a 3-7 hour waiting.

Documents required

For room allocation at the counter, you need to provide your mobile number and Aadhar details.

Step 1. Join the CRO Queue

Once you arrive at Tirumala Hills, make your way to the CRO (Central Reception Office) and join the TTD accommodation queue line.

CRO Address: It’s near Balaji bus stand Tirumala

Location : Click her for GPS Location

Step 2. Allotment Status

Upon completing the registration successfully for TTD rooms, now check the room allotment status displayed on the screen at CRO. Keep an eye out for your allotment number.

Once your allotment number appears on the screen, you will receive a message within 15 minutes.

This message will contain all the details about your allocated cottage or room.

Note: random room allotment.

Step 3. Sub office

After receiving the details of your room or cottage,

Now Go to the designated sub-office at the cottage

Once you’ve reached the sub-office, complete the payment process and collect the room key.


  • Rooms are not allocated to single person or unmarried couples.
  • Each room can accommodate up to 6 individuals comfortably.

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2 Responses

  1. Muralidharan says:

    TTD must provide the priority for Angapradakshinam booked people in advance. I tried to book room more than 45 minutes from 3pm for May 26th. However l couldn’t able to make it. How to manage services without accommodation. Could you please help me. I have 9 years daughter.

    • Admin says:

      Sir, I understand the challenge, especially with your 9-year-old daughter. Since you couldn’t secure accommodation online, your only option now is to try booking accommodation at the Central Reception Office (CRO) after your arrival at Tirumala.

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