How to Book Tirumala Special Darshan Tickets via APSRTC

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This article provides the details of APSRTC Tirumala Darshan, with a particular focus on apsrtc tirumala darshan 300 rupees availability checking. 

Learn the process, how to book tirumala darshan tickets through apsrtc.

Obtain valuable information about APSRTC TTD tickets, placing specific emphasis on online booking for the 300 rupees tickets.

What’s ASRTC Special Darshan(Seegra Darshan) Tickets. 

Apsrtc Tirumala Darshan Tickets Booking


Andhra Pradesh State Road Transport Corporation (APSRTC) operates special buses for pilgrims who wish to visit the Lord Venkateswara temple in  Tirupati, Andhra Pradesh. 

To avail the apsrtc tirumala darshan 300 rupees facility, devotees must first purchase a journey ticket to Tirupati, after which they can buy the special ₹300 Darshan tickets.

These tickets can be booked online or at the various APSRTC bus stations across Andhra Pradesh

TTD is providing daily bookings for Tirumala Special Darshan tickets Via APSRTC, with 1000 tickets available per day. 

Destination should be tirupati. The tickets can be booked 7 days in advance on the APSRTC website or authorized ticket booking centers. 

The ticket cost varies depending on your city. You don’t have to travel in an APSRTC bus to utilize the darshan ticket, and you can book one-way or two-way journey tickets. 

This offer is separate from the official TTD quota, and you can still book the tickets even if they are sold out on the TTD website.

Apsrtc Tirumala Darshan Tickets Booking

Apsrtc Tirumala Darshan Tickets Booking involves two steps:

Availability check and Booking.

Step 1. Check Apsrtc Tirumala Darshan 300 rupees availability

Check if APSRTC offers Seeghra Darshan tickets from your city.


Open the APSRTC website in either web,mobile mode or APSRTC app

Visit the APSRTC website:

Source & Destination

Enter your “From” and “To” cities, select a date, and click on “Check Availability“.

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Select a Bus

This will show you the available bus services on your chosen route, click on bus service.

Select Boarding and Dropping point and click on show layout.

Seat selection

After clicking on “Show Layout” available seats will be shown.

Select number of seat by clicking in it.

Scroll down to enter TTD Darshan details.


TTD Darshan Slot availability

In the “TTD Darshan Details” section, choose the date of darshan and click “search”.

Choose a slot: 

Click on the available slot for the darshan at 01:00 PM or 4:00 PM.

If the slot is not available, check for a different date for darshan and click “search” again.

Step 2. Apsrtc Tirumala Darshan 300 rupees Booking

Enter TTD Darshan details

If the Darshan tickets are available, fill in the passenger details, including mobile number, email, gender, name, age, and concession type as required. Afterward, click “Continue.”

Aadhar Card is mandatory for darshan

Enter Aadhar details and click on confirm.

Verify details

Double-check all the details, including journey and darshan , before making the payment.

Make payment

If all the details are correct, proceed to make the payment.

Bus journey ticket

Once the payment is successful, the Bus Journey and Darshan Tickets are generated.

APSRTC Tirumala Darshan tickets Download/ Print

For the Darshan ticket, you can either get it from the Tirumala Busstand by showing the above Bus Journey Ticket or download it from the APSRTC website using the following process:

Give Ticket number and mobile number: Provide the Ticket number and the mobile number (the same number used while booking) and click on “Submit”.

You will be able to see the Bus Journey Ticket again. Click on “TD Print” at the bottom of the page to download or print the Darshan ticket.

Darshan ticket

Take a printout of the TTD Ticket and carry it with you for Darshan. A sample Darshan Ticket is provided on the website for reference.

Important Instructions

For Apsrtc Tirumala Darshan 300 Rupees .

Make sure to read the important instructions provided on the website for Bus Journey and Darshan at Tirumala.

The seat(s) booked under this ticket is/are not transferable.

This e-ticket is valid only for the seat number and bus service specified herein.

This e-ticket has to be carried by the passenger during the journey along

with an original photo ID Card of the passenger whose name appears above.

Please keep the ticket safely till the end of the journey.

Please show the ticket at the time of checking.

Corporation reserves the rights to change/cancel the service category.

Booking/ Cancellation of tickets can be done before 1 hour of the scheduled start time at origin of the service only.

Partial cancellation is allowed in round-trip ticket s provided the same number and type (Adult/child) are cancelled in both UP and DOWN Journeys.

For e-Ticketing/ Refund Related Q ueries/ Service Cancelled refunds to E­

Mail: online

TTD Terms and Conditions

For APSRTC Tirumala Darshan 300 Rupees

Please carry A 4 ticket printout to read barcode at entry.

At the time of entry, all the pilgrims shall produce the same original Photo ID used during booking. Age proof shall be produced for children below 12″years to gain entry free of cost.

The pilgrims shall wear Traditional Dress only. Male: Dhoti, Shirt I Kurtha, Pyjama. 

Female: Saree I Half Saree I Chudidar with Dupatta.”

All the Pilgrims in group ticket have to report together.

The pilgrims should not carry any luggage/cell phones/electronic gadgets while reporting.

Entry with foot wear is not permitted into the queue lines, mada streets and temple. 

TTD reserves the right of cancellation of Darshan under Special Circumstances.

For TTD Darshan related queries, Please contact 08772289905.

Reporting and late reporting of Darshanam (after 1 1/2 hour only on booked slot) at ATC car parking (Rs.300/- ticket counter) Tirumala.

In case of cancellation/ prepone/postpone of APSRTC Journey Ticket,”

Rs300/ SPL Entry Darshan ticket amount will not be refunded and will not be allowed for TTD Darshan at Tirumala .


What is APSRTC Special Darshan (Seegra Darshan) Ticket?

APSRTC Special Darshan ticket is a facility offered by Andhra Pradesh State Road Transport Corporation for devotees to visit the Lord Venkateswara temple in Tirupati. It includes transportation by APSRTC bus and a darshan of the deity.

Apsrtc tirumala darshan tickets booking website?

You can book APSRTC Tirumala Darshan tickets online through the APSRTC website or at authorized ticket booking centers.

How many apsrtc tirumala darshan 300 rupees available ?

TTD provides 1000 apsrtc tirumala darshan 300 rupees darshan tickets

Do I have to travel in an APSRTC bus to use the darshan ticket?

No, you can book one-way or two-way journey tickets, and you don’t have to travel in an APSRTC bus to utilize the darshan ticket.

How can I check APSRTC Tirumala Darshan ticket availability?

You can check availability by visiting the APSRTC website, selecting your “From” and “To” cities, choosing a date, and clicking on “Check Availability.”

What are the steps for apsrtc tirumala darshan tickets booking?

The steps include selecting a bus, choosing seats, selecting a darshan slot, providing passenger details, entering Aadhar details, verifying details, and making the payment.

Are there any important instructions to follow for APSRTC Tirumala Darshan?

Yes, important instructions include wearing traditional dress, carrying an original photo ID, and not carrying luggage or electronic gadgets during the darshan.

What should I do in case of apsrtc tirumala darshan tickets booking issues or cancellations?

You can contact APSRTC for e-ticketing and refund-related queries at

Are these apsrtc tirumala darshan tickets
separate from the official TTD quota?

Yes, theseapsrtc tirumala darshan tickets are separate from the official TTD quota, and you can book them even if TTD tickets are sold out.

Is it possible to book a one-way journey ticket for darshan?

Yes, you can book one-way or two-way journey tickets.

How can I check the apsrtc tirumala darshan 300 rupees availability?

To check the apsrtc tirumala darshan 300 rupees availability of these tickets, you can visit the APSRTC website, select your “From” and “To” cities, choose a date, and click on “Check Availability.”

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