Inside Tirumala Tirupati Temple Secrets Hidden

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In this article, we will provide information about the secrets and mysteries inside the Tirumala Temple and the spiritual significance of the Tirupati Balaji Temple.



Tirumala, home to the renowned Golden Temple, attracts millions of devotees seeking blessings from Lord Venkateshwara.

There are several fascinating secrets hidden inside tirumala temple premises that often go unnoticed..

In this article, we will explore ten Inside Tirumala Temple Secrets and mysteries of tirupati balaji temple that will enrich your spiritual journey to Tirumala.

1.The Sacred Teertham:

After the darshan, when we come out, there is an embankment where the priests offer “teertham” . 

It is believed that every morning, Lord Brahma and other deities perform Suprabhata seva  and use this water.

Later on, priests mix the teertham used by the gods with regular water and distribute it to all the devotees throughout the day!

This means that the teertham we receive has been touched by our creator, Lord Brahma, himself!

2.The Unseen Vishwaksena:

In all Vaishnava temples, there is a deity known as Vishwaksena, who holds a significant role as the commander-in-chief of Lord Vishnu. 

However, in Tirumala, Vishwaksena is located in a secret spot.

After taking theertham in Ananda Nilayam and coming down, you can do a pradakshina and head to the other side where Vimana Venkateshwara Swamy is situated. 

From the location of Vimana Venkateshwara, proceed towards the “hundi” .

There, you’ll find a very narrow lane in this lane, you’ll come across the deity “Vishwaksena.” Pay your respects (Namaskarams) when you reach there. 

3.The Sacred Hundi and Srichakram:

The Hundi in Tirumala has never been relocated, unlike other things that have moved around the temple over time.

Legend has it that Sri Adi Sankaracharya placed a Srichakram beneath the Hundi, which has been attracting immense wealth from devotees.

The Hundi’s placement is believed to be strategically designed to harness the power of Srichakra and invite prosperity.

4.Bangaru Varalakshmi:

Beside the Hundi, you will find an idol of Goddess Lakshmi known as “Bangaru Varalakshmi.” She stands observing the offerings made by devotees.

It is said that if we offer to God with pure hearts, the divine blessings will be multiplied manifold.

5.Khataaha Theertha

Below the Hundi in Tirumala, there is a tub  with a “Gomukham” (a spout shaped like a cow’s mouth).

This tub is located in front of the “Annamayya Bhaadagaaram,” Room once used to store his copper plate collection of Sankeerthanas. 

The purpose of this tub is to collect the sanctified water that touches the divine body of Lord Venkateshwara during the Abhishekam .

It is known as “Khataaha theertha” or “Thotti theertha.”

Tirumala hills have several such sacred water sources known as “theerthas.” Among them, the two most revered ones are:

Swami Pushkarini“: This is a holy pond situated within the sacred premises of the Tirumala temple.

It is considered to be incredibly powerful and holds great significance.

Kataaha Theertha“: This is the second most powerful theertha, and it is not well-known to many people. The water that comes from this theertha is believed to have touched Lord Venkateshwara’s body and holds immense sanctity.

Next time, if you encounter water coming from “Kataaha Theertha,” it is advised to sprinkle that water on your head, as it is considered as sacred as the waters of the Ganges, which is believed to have touched Lord ShivaShiva. 

6.Sri Ramanujaacharya

Next to “Annamayya Bhaadagaaram,” there is a temple housing an idol of Sri Ramanujaacharya.

Inside the temple, you’ll find a large stone idol and also his “Utsava moorthy,” (which is the deity taken out during festival processions) .

History behind this Utsava moorthy:

Sri Ramanuja is well-known to many. He once climbed the Tirumala hill on his knees, and even today, people attempt to climb at least a few steps of the “Mokalla pravatam” in his honor.

The reason he climbed the mountain on his knees is that from that, the hill is considered a “Salagrama,” a most sacred stone.

Sri Ramanuja, chose not to touch the hill with his feet, as it embodies supreme souls.

After Sri Ramanuja left his body, Lord Venkateshwara appeared in the dreams of Sri Ananthalwar, (who was Sri Ramanuja’s favorite disciple) .

The Lord instructed Sri Ananthalwar to place the idol of Sri Ramanuja in the Tirumala temple.

This  idol was the one that Sri Ramanuja had hugged and given to his beloved disciple, Sri Ananthalwar.

It is this “Utsava moorthy” that now resides in the temple of Sri Ramanuja.

7.The Powerful Idol of Yoga Narasimha:

The Yoga Narasimha temple is located beside the Sri Ramanuja temple.

To catch a glimpse of this idol, one must climb a small height as it is placed at a higher level. 

The significance of this idol lies in the fact that it was revealed to Sri Ramanuja.

He had an intuition about a powerful Yoga Narasimha idol situated behind Swamy Pushkaraniki in the South-West direction (Nyruthi).

After searching for it, the idol was indeed found and later enshrined in the temple.

8.The Sankusthapana Stambham:

During the  Pradakshina around the Yoga Narsimha temple, you can notice a peculiar pillar located in the North-East direction.

This pillar has a significant attraction due to its unique characteristics.

It is known as the “Sankusthapana Stambham” or the foundation pillar of the Tirumala temple.

According to tradition, the temple was built after placing this pillar.

It has Lord Hanuman’s statues inscribed on it.

Devotees believe that the pillar holds a special power: if someone who desires to own a home ,embraces the pillar and their wish of becoming a homeowner will be fulfilled.

9.Goddess Lakshmi’s Presence in the Kitchen:

Once you step out of the temple, you’ll come across a room located in the South-East (Aagneyam).

This particular room holds great significance, as it is where all the prasadams for Swamy (the temple deity) are prepared in the kitchen.

Inside the room, you’ll find an idol of Goddess Lakshmi herself. She stands gracefully with four arms, holding lotuses in two of them.

She is revered as the supreme mother of the universe and is also known as the goddess of wealth.

Credit: Nanduri Srinivas

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