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In this article, we will provide information about Mokalla parvatham ,How many steps in mokalla parvatham ,mokalla parvatham step no, mokkalla parvatham history.

The Significance of “Mokalla Parvatam”: The Final Hill on the Pilgrimage to Tirumala


Mokalla Parvatham, also known as Mokalla Mandapam or Mokalla Metlu, is a significant hill area situated along the Alipiri footpath to Tirumala.

Mokalla Parvatham

It holds great importance for pilgrims as it marks the final leg of their journey, leading them to the entrance of Tirumala itself.

This article explores the history, characteristics,legend and the number of steps in Mokala Parvatham

Mokalla Parvatham to Tirumala

Mokala Parvatham is a challenging sequence of steps located on the Alipiri footpath to Tirumala.

It is known for its steepness and continuous sequence of steps, making it a tough climb for pilgrims.

In ancient times, climbers would hold onto their knees due to the intense pain caused by the extreme steepness.

While the hill is not as steep as it once was. 

In the Telugu language, the term “mokalu” refers to knees, and the act of climbing on one’s knees led to the hill being named “mokalla parvatam.”


Sri Ramanujacharya’s DevotionMokkalla Parvatham History

It is said that Sri Ramanujacharya, a revered devotee, climbed this hill on his knees.

Sri Ramanujacharya wanted to ensure that his feet did not touch the hill, which is considered sacred as it resembles a “Saalagrama” (a holy stone).

Hence, out of devotion and respect, he climbed the hill using his knees.

Even today, some devotees choose to climb at least a few steps on their knees as a demonstration of their faith.

(Credit:Nanduri srinivas) 

Mokala Parvatam Steps

How Many Steps in Mokalla Parvatham

Mokala Parvatham begins at Step No. 2910, following the road-side walk.

Mokalla Parvatham has approximately 300 steps, which directly lead to the entrance of Tirumala.

Completing the climb up Mokala Parvatham signifies the completion of the walk and marks the arrival at the entrance of Tirumala.

Mokalla Parvatham steps

Facilities: Mokala Parvatham

Despite the challenging nature of Mokala Parvatham, there are facilities available for climbers.

Resting shades and access to water are provided along the way, offering some respite during the ascent.


Mokala Parvatham, with its steep steps and historical significance, serves as the last lap of the pilgrimage to Tirumala.

Climbing these steps requires perseverance, but the facilities provided along the way ensure pilgrims have opportunities for rest and hydration.

Mokala Parvatham’s unique characteristics and the approximately 300 steps it encompasses make it a memorable part of the journey, culminating at the entrance of Tirumala.

1.How many steps are there in Mokalla Parvatham Tirumala?

Mokalla Parvatham consists of approximately 300 steps.

Which step number is Mokalla Parvatham?

Mokalla Parvatham starts at Step No. 2910 along the Alipiri footpath.

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