Infant Darshan Tirumala Timings Supadham 1 Year Child

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In this article, we’ll share information about the Infant Darshan Tirumala timings, required necessary documents, pricing, age requirements, Booking and eligibility criteria for infant darshan at Tirumala.

TTD’s Special Infant Darshan for Infants below 1 year

When visiting Tirumala for Darshan, it can be quite challenging to bring new born baby infants, especially during heavy crowd.

The Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanams now offer a Privileged Darshan for infants and their parents Through Supadham.

Guide to Infant Darshan in Tirumala:

TTD Darshan for new born baby or child below 1 year 2024

Infant darshan tirumala

Are you concerned about how to get Srivari Darshan with your new born baby infant?

In this article, we will explore the details of Infant Darshan or Supadam darshan.

What does Infant Darshan Means ?

The Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanams (TTD) has introduced a program for parents with new born baby or child under 1 year old.

It’s called “Infant Darshan,” and the purpose of this special privilege Darshan (through Supadham Enterance) is to make the Srivari Darshan experience easier for parents

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Eligibility for Infant Darshan

To avail of this special one year baby darshan in Tirumala, parents need to meet certain eligibility criteria:

Child’s Age for Supadam Darshan

The child can be a new born baby or below one year of age at the time of the darshan.


Parents can accompany their infant, along with siblings (Brother / sister) below the age of 12.

Note: Relatives, including grandparents, are not allowed for this darshan.

Documents for Infant Darshan in tirumala 2024

Devotees must carry the following original documents for verification:

  • Original copy of the child’s birth certificate or hospital discharge summary.
  • Original parent’s Aadhaar card.

How to Book Infant Darshan in Tirumala

TTD Infant Darshan Booking Online

There is no online booking facility available for Infant Darshan in tirupati

Offline Booking

To book infant darshan at Tirumala, note there’s no option or need for advance booking.

Note : You can go directly to the Supadam Darshan entry gate with your child for Srivari Darshan.

TTD Infant Darshan ticket Price

TTD Darshan for child below 1 year is completely Free of cost.

Darshan Timings for Child below 1 year

TTD Infant Darshan Timings 2024 are from 12:00 PM and 7:00 PM.

Reporting Place

Devotees with Children below 1 year for TTD Infant Darshan should report at the “Supatham Entrance.”


After availing this Infant Darshan, devotees can get the next darshan only after a waiting period of 90 days.

Accommodation Booking

You can book TTD Accommodation by booking online when TTD accomdation quota are released or by reaching out to the cro office upon arrival.

Infant Darshan in Tirumala Additional information

Special TTD Darshan for child below 1 year Tirumala

Infant Darshan in Tirumala is available exclusively through the supatham darshan Entrance.

Devotees can enjoy this privilege between 12:00 PM and 6:00 PM,

Except during specific seva timings like Kalyanotsavam, Arjitha Brahmotsavam, Sahasra Deeplankara Seva, and certain other special days.

Age Verification

It’s advisable to carry age-proof documentation for the infant, such as a birth certificate.

TTD staff may request it for verification at the Supadam Darshan Entrance.

Advantages of Supadam Entrance

The Supadam Darshan Entrance offers several advantages:

It is less crowded compared to the general queue, ensuring a more peaceful darshan experience.

Entry via Supadam is free of cost for infants (under 12 months), their parents, and siblings (under 12 years of age).

Infant Darshan on Special Days

Infant Darshan is not available on specific days such as Annual Brahmotsavam, Rathasapthami, Vaikunta Ekadasi, Vaikunta Dwadasi, and certain dates in December and January.

However, it is accessible on all other days in Tirumala.

Infant Darshan Availability Inquiry

If you want to know about the availability of infant darshan and check for any closures due to special events, you can contact TTD customer care at 18004254141, 0877-2233333, or 0877-2277777.

Supadam Darshan Duration

Devotees who enter through Supadam can expect to spend approximately 30 to 45 minutes in designated compartments.

Afterward, they merge with the regular Sarva Darshan, Divya Darshan, and Rs.300 Darshan queues.

The entire Darshan experience usually takes between 1 hour 15 minutes to 2 hours 30 minutes.

Dress Code

There is a specific dress code for Infant Darshan:

Men: White Pancha, Dhoti/Kurta, Pyjama.

Women:Saree with blouse, Punjabi Dress with Dupatta, Chudidhar with Dupatta, or Half saree.

Important points

There is No special TTD darshan for children aged 1 year (completed) and are below 2 years. They can have normal Darshan.


TTD’s Infant Darshan /Supadam darshan is a good initiative that ensures a hassle-free and spiritually fulfilling experience for parents with infants.

With its simple eligibility criteria, convenient reporting timings, and the assurance of a peaceful darshan, it’s a blessing for families visiting the sacred Tirumala temple.

So, if you have an infant, don’t miss the opportunity to embark on this divine journey.

FAQs About Infant Darshan

What is the age limit for infants to avail Infant Darshan?

Infants must be below 1 year of age to qualify for Infant Darshan.

Can grandparents or other relatives accompany for Infant Darshan?

No, only parents and siblings under 12 years of age are allowed to accompany the infant.

Is there an entry fee for Infant Darshan?

No, Infant Darshan is entirely free of cost

Below 1 year baby tirupati darshan timings

Devotees can avail of Infant Darshan between 12:00 PM and 6:00 PM, except during specific seva timings and special days.

What documents are required for Infant Darshan?

Devotees must carry the original copy of the child’s birth certificate or hospital discharge summary, along with the original parent’s Aadhaar card.

Where is Supadam Located?

Supadam is situated approximately 100-150 feet from the Vaikuntam Queue Complex Entrance.

Tirumala Infant Darshan Timings 2024

Infant Darshan timings are from 12:00 PM and 6:00 PM

Is there any special darshan for infants in tirumala

Yes, Tirumala offers a special darshan for infants known as Infant Darshan.

TTD children’s darshanam age limit

For special infant darshan, the child’s age should be below 1 year. Normal darshan has no age restrictions.

TTD Darshan for Child below 12 Years

There is no special darshan for children below 12 years. Children below 12 can have free darshan for any category.

Below 1 year baby Tirupati darshan Timings 2024

Baby below 1 year can have Tirupati darshan from 12 pm to 7 pm.

Tirupati darshan for new born baby

Special infant darshan is available for new born baby at Tirupati.

TTD darshan for Child below 10 Years

There is no special darshan for children below 10 years at TTD.

Are babies allowed in Tirupati

Babies are allowed in Tirupati, and there is a special darshan called Infant Darshan for them.

TTD darshan for child below 2 years

Children’s age completed 1 year and below 2 years do not have a special TTD darshan.

Below one year baby darshan in TTD

TTD has a special darshan arrangement known as Infant Darshan for babies below one year.

Supadam darshan age limit

The age limit for children for Supadam Darshan is below 1 year.

Can pregnant ladies go to Tirupati

Pregnant women can visit Tirupati and receive the blessings of Lord Venkateshwara.

How to book supadam tickets online

Supadam tickets cannot be booked online. You can directly visit Tirumala and avail of the Supatham Darshan for Srivari Darshan.

How to book infant darshan in tirumala

Infant darshan in Tirumala does not require advance booking. You can have Srivari darshan for infants on arrival via Supadam entry.

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    How to book a accommodation for infant darshan

  3. Kavyashree says:

    Is there infant entree on 9th dec 2023.. how do I check if there is some special event because of which it’s closed

    • Admin says:

      Hi kavyashree,
      You can verify if there’s an infant entry on December 9, 2023, and inquire about any special events causing closure by contacting TTD customer care at 18004254141, 0877-2233333, or 0877-2277777.Know more

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    Sir we have twins of age 10months, in special dharsha are they allow any one as gurdian. Bcz how we mother and father will carry both the children and mudupulu?
    How many people will allowed in case of twins?

    • Admin says:

      Special entry darshan allows only the (sed) ticket holder; tickets are not required for children below 12. There is no specific provision for twins or additional guardians in this special system.

      Infant darshan permits only parents with infants below 1 year, and siblings below the age of 12 are also allowed. There is no specific arrangement for twins or additional guardians in this system.

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